Bespoke & Beautifully Crafted Skin & Personal Care Products


A successful business relationship is, in our view, about working together with our clients in partnership.

Our relationship does not end with the delivery of finished product. For us it is only the beginning.

We work closely with our customers on continuous New Product Development (NPD) ensuring that your brand is ready to supply new products to the market when the time is right.

We also provide ongoing support assisting brands answer queries from customers and retailers alike.

Furthermore our portfolio of Support Services is there to provide your business with additional resources. For example our warehousing and fulfilment operation can ensure that products are stored in a first class environment and our logistics expertise enables them to reach retailers in the UK and further afield on time. This same operation can also undertake web fulfilment ensuring your customer receives a pleasing online shopping experience.

We are also able to support marketing campaigns receiving your data electronically and mailing, for example, promotional samples, specially chosen gifts, or other items, direct to your customer addresses.

Please ask us for further information and opportunities.